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Care and Cleaning
New or mature garden? Make the most of it!
GARDENA Combisystem Small Rake
The GARDENA Combisystem small rake is perfect for raking leaves, weeds and grass clippings on small flower beds and in heavily accessible areas. The Ergonomically-shaped handle with integrated soft elements holds a great grip and its curved end prevents slipping. For comfortable work in an upright position without bending the back, it is possible to replace the existing handle with any of the Combisystem series. The Small rake has a working width of 12 cm. They Are made of high quality steel. The Duroplast Coating ensures a long service life. GARDENA provides a 25-year warranty On this product.
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Product Code : 967093901
EAN : 4078500023467
Manufacturer : Gardena / gardena.cz
Warranty : 24 months
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Features and benefits
Comfortable Handling
The Ergonomically shaped handle is equipped with soft elements for increased handling comfort. The Curved end of the handle prevents slipping of the hand.
Flexible use
The Combisystem Hand tool is very flexible and can be used with any Combisystem tool. This is Done simply by unscrewing the soft plastic bolt, attaching a different lever and tightening the screw.
Corrosion Protection
High quality steel with duroplast coating protects small tools from corrosion, prevents dirt sticking and provides extreme strength.
25-year Warranty
The Warranty period of 25 years guarantees the highest quality.
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