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Strejček GARDEN/Mowing/Riders/Series 400/HUSQVARNA P 525D with Cab
HUSQVARNA P 525D with Cab
The Large-Capacity lawn mowing machine, equipped with a front hanging mower and powered by a diesel engine, provides excellent manoeuvrability and productivity when working in rugged and narrow terrain as well as on large areas. The Mowing mechanism is suspended at the front and the machine has the perfect view of the work surface, which facilitates mowing in the vicinity of fences and walls, under bushes, benches, etc. The commercial type Gearbox ensures perfect traction and slope stability. Thanks to its compact size and high transport speed, the machine is suitable for both stationary and mobile applications for technical management of towns and municipalities, professional maintenance of greenery or the vicinity of companies and administrative buildings. Accessories such as Transport spoon, rotary brush, adjustable blade and cab, allow to use the machine throughout the year. Very High quality components guarantee high durability, long life and reliable operation of the machine. The P 525D is supplied without mowing mechanism and can be equipped with a Combi 132 or 155 cm mowing deck. The Cab is protected against the vibration of the chassis, thereby significantly reducing vibrations and noise levels. The Spacious cabin has glass Door, front window up to the roof and a Grammer seat with high backrest to enhance the driver's comfort. The Machine has Comfort equipment, which includes hydraulic kit, LED spotlights, road lamps, counterweights, heating, lighthouse, etc. The Cab can be easily removed if you do not need it. The Protective frame (ROPS) is integrated in the cab.
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Product Code : 967602101
Manufacturer : Husqvarna / husqvarna.cz
Warranty : 24 months
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Features and benefits
Mowing Terrain Accessibility
The Front-mounted low-profile mowing mechanism provides excellent accessibility under fences, bushes, benches, etc.
Compact Design
The Compact size together with the unique articulated steering makes it easy to control the machine in narrow spaces and rugged terrain.
Driving performance on slopes
The Low centre of gravity of the machine combined with the high-performance AWD system provides excellent stability on slopes and uneven surfaces.
Versatile use
The Wide range of mowing mechanisms and accessories allows you to use the controller all year round.
In a factory-mounted cabin for greater comfort throughout the season.
All-wheel Drive
All-wheel Drive provides excellent traction on uneven, wet and slippery terrain and on slopes. The AWD Function automatically corrects the traction on all four wheels with respect to the situation and surface condition.
Kubota Diesel Engine
High-Performance Kubota 3-cylinder diesel engine with full pressure lubrication. It combines high power and torque with low consumption and reduced emissions.
Ergonomic operation
Ergonomically designed operator space for comfortable driving during long working hours.
Hydraulic Power Steering
A Very powerful hydraulic servo facilitates steering.
Easy-access controls
The Controls are easily accessible and designed for optimal operator comfort.
Easy access to service points
The Hinged bonnet and easy-access service areas facilitate servicing and maintenance.
Full Support Wheels
Sturdy, durable and full support wheels for maximum trouble-free operation. The Wheels have air-filled souls for cushioning and a smooth ride.
Lubrication-friendly Houses
For easy maintenance and durability.
Solid Ribbed Frame
Very durable ladder frame with an open design for outstanding strength and uptime.
Durable Skeleton Design
The Combi Mowing mechanism is molded from a single piece of sheet steel with a thickness of 4.5 mm.
Cutting Ability
The Front hinged mowing mechanism provides an excellent view of the work surface and allows for a precise cut of the lawn even in close proximity to obstacles.
Combi Mowing mechanism
The High-performance Combi mowing mechanism is pressed from one piece of sheet steel. It is a unique solution that allows efficient mulching and rear ejection of cut grass with extraordinary results and ensures trouble-free operation.
Commercial Gearbox type
High-quality variable-flow reciprocation pumps with separate gearboxes for front and rear axles.
PTO Output Shaft
Solid and hardened output shaft (PTO) for maximum efficiency and lasting durability.
The Unique coupling allows quick and efficient connection of interchangeable accessories without the need for tools.
Cutting deck
For easy mowing in corners, walls and fences.
Service position
The mowing mechanism Service position facilitates cleaning and maintenance.
Cast Steel Rear Axle
For better durability, the rear axle is made of a single piece of ductile iron.
Four Large Wheels
The Large diameter of the front and rear wheels provides optimal riding comfort, high terrain availability and reduces the risk of damage to the maintained surfaces.
Engine Manufacturer
Engine Name
Engine Type
Diesel, HORIZONTAL shaft
Net power at preset speed, kW
18.7 kW @ 3000 ot./min
Cylinder Displacement, cm³
1 123 cm³
Engine Cooling
12 V 62 Ah
Petrol Type
Type of engine lubrication
Pressure with oil filter
Oil Type
SAE 10w40
Oil Filter
PTO shaft Speed at preset engine speed, rpm
2 380
Fuel tank Capacity, litres
25 l
Oil Cooler
Operating Hours Counter
Seat Type
Cushed armrests
Suspension seat
Seat Backrest Height
Hinged armrests
Drive System
Gearbox Type
Hydrostatic AWD
Gearbox Manufacturer
Gearbox Model
KTM 23
Hydrostatic type
Controlled by pedal
Forward Speed, Min-Max, km/h
0 - 0 km/h
Speed backward, Min-max, km/h
0 - 0 km/h
Mowing mechanism
Uncut Circle, CM
58 cm
Mowing mechanism Type
Skeleton Material
Mowing mechanism material Thickness
4.5 mm
Mowing Method (s)
Mulching/Rear Discharge
Mowing Height, Min-Max, MM
0 - 0 mm
Mowing height adjustment Steps
7 ks
Blade Fastening
Electric Clutch
Cutting Blades
Anti-Hardening Wheels
Surface finishing of mowing mechanism by powder coating
Optional mowing mechanism
Combi 132, Combi 155
Basic data
Mowing Width, Min-Max, CM
0 - 0 cm
Tyre Size, front, thumb
20X10-10 "
Tyre Dimensions, rear, inches
106 cm
Ground Clearance
140 mm
Basic machine, length, cm
226.9 cm
Basic machine, width, cm
125 cm
Base machine, height, cm
200.8 cm
Weight, kg
907 kg
Gross towable Mass
100 kg
Seat Manufacturer
Seat Material
Emission, noise and vibration Data
Sound pressure Level at the operator's ear, db (A)
0 dB(A)
Sound power Level, measured
105 dB(A)
Guaranteed Sound Power level (LWA), db (A)
105 dB(A)
Sound pressure Level, db (A)
105 dB(A)
Steering wheel Vibration
1.7 m/s²
Seat Vibrations
0.7 m/s²
Angle-Adjustable armrest for enhanced support. Suitable for Grammer Primo seat. The Kit includes left armrest and mounting accessories.
Angle-Adjustable armrest for enhanced support. Suitable for Grammer Primo seat. The Kit includes the right backrest and mounting accessories.
It Consists of the skeleton of the cab, front, side and rear windows, wipers, front work spotlights, incl. Cable harness and electronic control. It Must be used together with a counterweights of 966 75 49-01.
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Adapter for connecting the heating hose to the engine cooling system. Suitable for engine D1105 Kubota to P 525D.
For Connection and operation of the various functions of the road kit. Attaches to steering column. Mandatory for front lamps, marker lights, flashers, LICENSE Plate and cab Road kit.
Front marker lamps and flashers. They are Attached to the set of rear position lights and flashers (966 79 09-01). Must be used together with the control unit (966 79 08-01).
Hanging hook for fitting to commercial drivers 520D P or P 525D. Fits into existing holes in the rear of the chassis casting; Hole diameter 16 mm, distance 89 mm. Ball Diameter 50 mm. Maximum towed weight 350 kg.
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Headlights with position lights and flashers. They are Attached to a separate frame in front. Requires Control Box (966 79 08-01)
Kit necessary for installation of front hung accessories with hydraulic function. Includes 2 Auxiliary hydraulic hoses with earplugs, electric valve, switch, hose with endcaps and cables.
The Rear position lights and flashers are attached to the ROPS frame. Adjustable positions allow tiling OF the ROPS frame. Must be used together with the control unit (966 79 08-01).
TWO rear adjustable headlights. They are Fastened to the cabin.
Sturdy Steel Edge Snow blade and 2 sliding rails with working width 130 cm. Hydraulic angle adjustment. It Must be used with the hydraulic kit 966 75 45-01 and it is recommended to use with a counterweights of 966 75 49-01.
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High performance and durable two-stage snow thrower. It is Used together with the hydraulic kit 966 75 45-01 and must be used with a counterweights of 966 75 49-01.
Robust, high-quality spreader for professional use. The Electrically actuated spreader cylinder ensures a uniform sprinkle. Suitable for application of sand and salt.
Rotating Orange warning light. For mounting on ROPS protection frame. The delivery Includes a holder, cabling and a switch.
We have spare parts
More than 100 000 components
For Safe driving on public roads, from and to the work area. Traffic on public roads is subject to local regulatory approvals. The Kit consists of front lights with position lights and flashers, rear LED lights with blinks and washer tanks. Must be used together with the control unit (966 79 08-01).
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The year-round Cab provides the operator with maximum comfort throughout the season. The Kit consists of a door, left and right rearview mirror, heater/defrost and water hoses. The Heater/defrost can only be used with a separate cabin heating adaptor (966 80 24-01, 966 80 24-02). Please Note that a road kit (incl. front and rear lights) and a beacon are shown on the machine image. These parts can be purchased separately.
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Set of rear counterweights for improved grip and stability. It Must be used when working with front hanging accessories and when adding a cab. Includes 5 pcs of 10 kg separate weights that are applied to a 12 kg frame. The Total weight is 62 kg. Counterweights are ensured against loosening of rods and bolts.
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Flexible folding plow for demanding use. Thanks to The hydraulically adjustable blade, it can be used as a V-Plow, shale plow or diagonal plow. Made of high strength steel. It Must be used with the hydraulic kit 966 75 45-01 and the counterweights 966 75 49-01.
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Comfortable seat with suspension and quick adjustment of the balance. Wide ergonomic seat with padding and adjustable height and angle to suit individual needs. Equipped with lumbar support. Possibility to adjust the backrest in 13 stages. Armrests in the illustration are not included, armrests can be ordered separately.
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Practical loading spoon made of welded steel with higher strength for long service life. Hydraulic angle adjustment for the gain and emptying. The PT 26D machine is used in combination with hydraulic kit 965 98 00-01 and for P 520D/P 525D use set 966 75 45-01. It Must be used with counterweights.
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High-performance Combi mowing mechanism 132 cm/52 ". Husqvarna's Innovative technical solutions allow you to combine two mowing methods-mulching and rear discharge-into one mowing mechanism. Durable cutting deck construction made of one-piece sheet steel with a thickness of 4.5 mm. Bevel-driven Shaft. Suitable for P 520D/P 525 models from year 2012 and following.
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High performance Mowing mechanism Combi 132 cm. Husqvarna's Innovative technical solutions, which offer two cutting methods-BioClip® (mulching) and rear ejection of clippings on the surface-in one mowing mechanism. Very durable mowing mechanism construction, molded from one piece of sheet steel with a thickness of 4.5 mm. Powered by an angular gearing shaft. Suitable for model 520D with year of production 2011.
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High-performance Combi mowing mechanism 155 cm/61 ". Husqvarna's Innovative technical solutions allow you to combine two mowing methods-mulching and rear discharge-into one mowing mechanism. Durable cutting deck construction made of one-piece sheet steel with a thickness of 4.5 mm. Bevel-driven Shaft.
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The All-new 15-liter gasoline canister in wheeled machines offers an innovative way of refueling, especially thanks to the unique position of ergonomic grips and the special storage space for the nozzle. All This will allow you to easily lift and carry the canister, and-most importantly-quickly refuel without leaking fuel.
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It Serves as a replacement edge behind the steel edge, which is supplied as standard with the radon. The Rubber wiper edge is suitable where it is necessary to protect the surface/substrate from damage by the metal edge. Suitable for Snow Radon 966 75 43-01.
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