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Care and Cleaning
New or mature garden? Make the most of it!
Combisystem Snow Count ES 40
With a light and strong metal edge and a width of 40 cm, the GARDENA snow count is 40 suitable for snow clearing on smooth surfaces and sidewalks. Wide ribbing of the plastic bucket allows for smooth sliding during the trip, and thanks to the delicate surface structure, no snow on the shovel will stick. The Raised sides prevent snow slipping and the wide edge provides high stability. The Plastic is resistant to salt and freezing temperatures up to-40 °C. The Edge is made of solid metal, wear-resistant. This Makes the rake suitable for flat surfaces such as concrete and asphalt. Combisystem Snow Count ES40 is suitable for all GARDENA Combisystem handle, while GARDENA recommends Combisystem Ergoline 130 from aluminium. Plastic handle cover is anti-slip and protects against cold. The Ergonomically shaped grip prevents slipping and allows for optimal positioning of the rear guide arm. The Warranty period for the rake is 25 years.
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Product Code : 966043801
Manufacturer : Gardena / gardena.cz
Warranty : 24 months
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Features and benefits
Light and Strong
The GARDENA combisystem Count ES 40 is made of sturdy, low wear and flexible plastic. Thanks to the solid steel bar It is very suitable for smooth surfaces.
Strong and efficient
The Wide edge of the rake allows for great stability and the increased edges prevent the snow from ambling. Thanks to the delicate surface, the snow does not stick.
Not Blind
The Combisystem product can be easily attached to the grip and screwed firmly. Proven Technology guarantees the blind and reliable work.
25-Year Warranty
The 25-year warranty guarantees the highest quality.
Frost and Salt Resistant
The snow Count is a reliable tool also at very low temperatures. It Is resistant to temperatures up to-40 °C and also resistant to sprinkle salt.
Suitable for all Headsets
GARDENA Combisystem products are all suited to all GARDENA Combisystem handcrafts. It doesn't matter if your handpiece is made of wood or aluminum, whether it is ergonomic to save your back-this is all the matter of your choice.
Basic data
Working width, cm
40 cm
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