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GDPR and Information Memorandum
The information we process about you and how we do it

This document is provided to customers of S-Garden ., Přemyslova 522/80, 278 01 Kralupy nad Vltavou, company ID: 03634302 (hereinafter sGarden) and users of its eshop information about how to process their personal data and about the rights related to them.

What information does sGarden store about its customers?
We collect all data only from you and from no other sources.

We need to identify you, we use your name, surname, Business ID and company name. In some cases, if you are our supplier, we also keep the bank account number.

We also need to communicate with you, we use e-mail and telephone number, or address. It is also necessary to deliver shipments.

In eshop we store additional information needed for smooth operation and analysis of traffic. For example, it is your password (of course, in an irrevocably encrypted form, the password we do not know), the pages and products that you have visited with us. We also keep the result of your card payment, but not the details of the card itself.

What is the data used for?
Data are primarily used to make purchases, whether in the eshop or in branch offices, and for possible subsequent communication with you, if necessary. Also in the complaint process.

How long do we keep your data?
When we request your consent to the processing, such as registration in the eshop, we keep the data for five years, unless your consent is extended.

To whom do we give your information?
If you have ordered the delivery of your shipment, we give your contact details to carriers such as Czech post and DPD.

For sending text messages we pass your phone number to Axima s.r.o., but in the future we plan to solve it inside the company. However, Axima uses data anonymization, so after sending the SMS, your number is not stored and unknown.

We use Smartlook and Google Analytics for analyzing traffic and customizing of the eshop. Both services are used in a fashion, that uses non-tracking forms, so your personal data will not get from us to these companies.

Active 24 s.r.o. is our server host.

How secure is your data?
Internet communication with you is secured with HTTPS protocol. The server is protected by firewall and software to prevent attacks from outside.

Please note that under the Data Protection Act you have the right to:
- take your consent back at anytime
- ask us about how we process your data
- demand explanation about the data processing
- demand access to the data and ask us to change it
- demand us to delete the data
- in case of doubt compliance with the obligations relating to the processing of personal data contact us or the Office for the Protection of Personal Data