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GARDENA Multifunctional Shower Premium
The GARDENA multifunctional shower Premium is designed for all irrigation and cleaning tasks, for which you can choose one of five different irrigation shapes. From fine mist, through gentle spray or bubble beam, to full current or flat beam for efficient cleaning. The Multifunctional shower is equipped with metal elements on the irrigation head and the connection and thanks to these materials it has an extremely long life. The Soft plastic ring on the sprinching head acts as a protection against damage. Ergonomic handle with soft plastic elements for optimal comfort while you work. The water Flow can be adjusted smoothly. With long-lasting irrigation, the pulse trigger can be blocked to prevent excessive fatigue of your hand. The dirt Filter is removable for easy cleaning. Multifunctional shower Premium is equipped with frost protection.
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Product Code : 967102401
Manufacturer : Gardena / gardena.cz
Warranty : 24 months
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Features and benefits
Easy to clean
Integrated Dirt filter prevents dirt from penetring into the multifunctional shower. The Filter can be easily removed and cleaned.
Frost Protection
The New frost protection ensures that the embedding bar is not damaged even if the temperature drops.
Comfortable Handling
With Soft plastic components, the PREMIUMT multifunctional shower is well and securely held. The Ergonomic trigger with integrated locking and water flow adjustment with one finger makes handling easier and more enjoyable.
Extremely Strong
Multifunctional shower Premium is equipped with metallic elements, which makes it particularly strong. The Parts on the sprinking head and clutch are made of metal, and therefore they are very durable.
Five Spraying shapes
Fine Mist is great for irrigation of sensitive seedlings; Gentle soft current or bubble current allows for accurate irrigation of planted areas or beds, and full or surface beam can be effectively used in various cleaning works.
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