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Performance and productivity, even under harsh conditions
Hammering blade
Combined hammer and push blade. The back of the blade is equipped with a specially shaped hammer heel that dampens vibrations when hammering. The handle is designed for lifting with your hands or pushing with your foot.
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Product Code : 577402801
Manufacturer : Husqvarna / husqvarna.cz
Warranty : 24 months
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Features and benefits
Dimensions / Weight
Product net weight, final
1326 g
Material composition
Main packaging: paper + cardboard
0 g
Total metal
0 g
Paper + cardboard total
0 g
Total PE (polyethylene)
0 g
TOTAL PET (polyethylene terephthalate)
0 g
Plastic foil
0 g
Hard plastic
0 g
Total plastic
0 g
Polystyrene (PS), foamable PS (EPS), tough polystyrene (HPS, IPS, HIPS) total
0 g
Shipping Package Contents
Package height
40 mm
Package length
480 mm
Package width
65 mm
Package volume
1,248 dm³
Quantity in wholesale package
Husqvarna 365 is a chainsaw for typical professional use. It was developed in close cooperation with professional users working in the most demanding conditions. Low weight and high performance combined with a robust motor make it an extremely versatile saw suitable for a wide range of jobs. Equipped with an X-Torq® engine, environmentally friendly due to low fuel consumption and very low exhaust gas level.
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A truly professional chainsaw in the upper middle class designed for very demanding jobs. It is equipped with an X-TORQ engine with low fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions. The crankcase and its own crankshaft are designed for exceptionally heavy operation and the carburetor is equipped with vibration damping. Thanks to this, the saw can work with heavy loads even at high speeds. The chainsaw is characterized by low weight, high performance, fast acceleration and flexible operation.
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The Husqvarna 540i XP is a high-performance cordless chainsaw. When used with a BLi300 battery, its performance is comparable to that of a professional chainsaw with a 40 cc engine. The saw is ideal for felling small and medium-sized trees where a smooth and clean cut is needed. The saw is designed for professionally oriented users who require a light but high-performance chainsaw with a rear handle. The saw brings all the advantages of battery power without compromising on cutting performance. Integrated connectivity makes it easy to track usage statistics, service history and last known location in Husqvarna Fleet Services™ on your computer or mobile. It comes without battery and charger. This product meets the requirements for #tichemesto. More on www.tichemesto.cz. NOTE: Husqvarna Connect is not available in the Czech Republic.
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