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Maximum efficiency and great results
Trimmer head T45X
The T45X string head was exclusively developed by Husqvarna. It has a semi-automatic "Tap 'n' Go" string ejection system and a bottom bowl housed in the bearing. These features have been developed for users with high demands on durability and minimal downtime at work. The trimmer string is extended automatically as soon as the string head is pressed to the ground. This means that the user always controls the ejection of the string, and the string can be ejected in the course of working with the machine.
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Product Code : 578446801
EAN : 7391883078730
Manufacturer : Husqvarna / husqvarna.cz
Warranty : 24 months
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Features and benefits
Support surface with ball bearing
Ensures less wear and longer service life.
Interchangeable parts
Included parts can be replaced separately.
Lifetime 5/5
Optimized material combination for longer service life.
Coarse grass
For dense and coarse grass, not for woody vegetation.
Product intended especially for grass trimming
Easy to use
String heads that are easy to attach, complement and use. They have an open eyelet for easy installation of the string. The string unwinds automatically when cutting. Recommended for new users.
Open eyelet
Allows easy ejection of the trimmer string.
Product information
Trimmer string feed
Ball bearing
1 "
For trimmers with straight support tube
Suitable for engines with a capacity
- cm
Basic data
String diameter
0 mm
Dimensions / Weight
Gross product weight, final
688 g
Product net weight, final
688 g
String information
String diameter, max.
3.3 mm
String diameter, min.
2.7 mm
Shipping Package Contents
Package height
80 mm
Package length
290 mm
Package width
165 mm
Package volume
3.83 dm³
Quantity in wholesale package
Material composition
Main packaging: paper + cardboard
0 g
Total metal
0 g
11 g
Paper + cardboard total
11 g
Total PE (polyethylene)
0 g
TOTAL PET (polyethylene terephthalate)
75 g
Plastic foil
0 g
Hard plastic
0 g
Total plastic
0 g
Polystyrene (PS), foamable PS (EPS), tough polystyrene (HPS, IPS, HIPS) total
0 g
High-performance, versatile brush cutter for frequent mowing of dense grass and weeds. It is equipped with a powerful, economical X-Torq engine and an efficient air filter that ensures less engine wear and service. String head, grass knife and combined cover are included. We recommend the 553RS to landowners who want a robust, reliable and easy-to-use brushcutter.
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High quality strut for standard grass type suitable for all Husqvarna trimmer heads. Individual strings are color coded for easy selection of the right diameter.
The ' X ́ Force™ is a cutting line which emphasizes strength and durability for optimum performance with regard to mowing time. The ́X ́ Force™ is a combination of a new copolymer and a solid surface structure with a textured surface.
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We have spare parts
More than 100 000 components
The noise Level is reduced by 50% (7-8 dBA) compared to the classic circular string of the same diameter. Less air resistance allows the engine to reach optimum speeds faster, improving efficiency. The Unique material can be characterized by the fact that it does not split at the ends, minimizes the risk of string fusing in the trimmer with a special surface treatment and long life and good wear resistance. The Shape of the string counteracts the breaking of the string in the outlet holes of the trimmer head.
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Powerful, versatile machine for frequent mowing of coarse grass and weeds. The 543RS is the ideal machine for landowners who require a robust, reliable and easy-to-use brushcutter. It is equipped with a powerful, economical X-Torq engine and an efficient air filter that reduces engine wear and the need for service. String head, grass disc and combi cover are included.
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The Whisper X Trimmer is made of new materials and has the same unique features as the standard Whisper string design, including low noise levels. Whisper X is made of solid inner core and outer layer. This manufacturing process allows a combination of materials to achieve the required level of durability, extension of service life and less prone to rupture of the string.
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