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Strejček GARDEN/Irrigation/Pressure Sprayers/Extension Tube for pressure sprayers 3 and 5 L
Extension Tube for pressure sprayers 3 and 5 L
The Extension tube from GARDENA with a length of 50 cm is suitable for all 3 and 5 litre pressure sprayers from GARDENA and makes it easy and convenient to sprinkler trees or plants on the ground without bending the back. Simply Detach the rod by rotating it and attach the extension tube.
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Product Code : 900870501
Manufacturer : Gardena / gardena.cz
Warranty : 24 months
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The 3 litre High-quality pressure sprayer of the GARDENA Comfort series has a capacity of 3 L and is ideal for plant protection products, fertilizers and targeted, gentle irrigation-eg. Seedlings. The Nozzle is fully adjustable from fine mist to full current. The Sprayer is equipped with an extremely practical filling hole and facilitates filling and mixing of liquids. The Pressure sprayer is equipped with a shape-stable, pressure-resistant and robust reservoir with a finely graded and easy-to-read level indicator. The Plastic footpegs allow for easy pumping and ensure stable standing on uneven surfaces. Designed for maximum pressure of 3 bars, the Pressure sprayer is equipped with a safety valve, which, for safety reasons, quickly reduces pressure when needed. The Curved spray nozzle is a clever solution and is particularly suitable for spraying the underside of the leaves. The Shoulder strap with padding guarantees comfortable handling and convenient carrying. The Pressure sprayer is also equipped with a D-shaped ergonomic handle that facilitates pumping, and a trigger button with a handy locking function.
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