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Irrigation Valve 9 V
The 9 V Irrigation valve from GARDENA activates irrigation control systems after programming with the GARDENA Programming unit (Cat No. 1241-20) in conjunction with the GARDENA Control unit (cat.-No. 1250-20). The Valve uses energy-saving 9V solenoid valve technology. The valve Geometry is optimised for flow, for minimal loss of flowing water pressure. If necessary, the valve can be opened or closed manually at any time. The 9 V Irrigation valve from GARDENA is equipped with 1 "female thread
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Product Code : 900902101
Manufacturer : Gardena / gardena.cz
Warranty : 24 months
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Features and benefits
Automatic and time-saving irrigation
With the irrigation valves from GARDENA, in conjunction with the Programming Unit and Control unit from GARDENA, your garden will be reliably and comfortably irrigated-even if you are not at home. You Will get more free time, lush green garden and gorgeous healthy plants.
Cable-Free Control
This solution is especially useful in cases where there is no possibility of connecting the power source. The irrigation control System is cable-free, when the control unit is connected to the valve, the data is transmitted by pressing the button. No cable connection is required Between the programmable control unit and the valve.
Manual Opening and closing
Irrigation can be started or ended directly, if necessary, on a valve that can be manually opened and closed.
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