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Vario Circular irrigator with Comfort pin
The Vario Circular irrigator with the GARDENA Comfort pin allows for even irrigation of the garden. The Circular Irrigator allows the irrigation of areas up to 225 m² and has a maximum range of 8.5 m. It is equipped with 7-stage setting of the slices in steps of 45 ° from 90 ° to 360 °. The Sprinkler can be individually adjusted according to your garden. The Special rotary turbine ensures uniform water distribution and individual adjustment of the spraying direction. To irrigate particularly large areas, multiple sprinklers can be connected to each other-simply replace the end cap with the water tap from the GARDENA (cat. No. 901) or the GARDENA Profi Maxi-Flow System connection on the water faucet system ( Kat. No 2801). The Circular Irrigator is firmly attached to the thorn, so it can be safely secured in the lawn. Removable filter for dirt from the fine Sietch is also practical for easy cleaning. For Easy irrigation of your garden.
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Product Code : 900967601
EAN : 4078500194907
Manufacturer : Gardena / gardena.cz
Warranty : 24 months
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Features and benefits
Compact Circular Irrigator
Vario Series Comfort Circular irrigator ensures even water distribution for areas with a maximum surface area of 225 m² and reach up to 8.5 m.
Easy Setup
The Required slice for irrigation can be easily adjusted in 7 steps-the slice can be selected after 45 ° in the range from 90 ° to 360 °.
Stable Base
Sturdy Metal Arbor ensures safe placement on the lawn.
Can be expanded
Circular Sprinklers Vario Series GARDENA Comfort can be connected to each other-so you can irrigate large areas.
Easy Maintenance
Thanks to the removable dirt filter, the irrigator is particularly easy to clean.
Basic data
Irrigated Area
25 - 225
0 - 8.5 m
We have spare parts
More than 100 000 components
The GARDENA connection with the Maxi-Flow "Profi" water tap is ideal for connecting longer hoses or pumps. Allows connection between hose with quick coupling and water tap. The Connection to the water tap of the Maxi-Flow "Profi" is screwed on to the water tap. Suitable for water tap with thread 26.5 mm (G 3/4 ").
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