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Care and Cleaning
New or mature garden? Make the most of it!
Floor Washing Set
This GARDENA Floor Cleaning kit is intended for immediate use. This Kit includes the GARDENA Comfort scrub Brush (No. 5568-20), GARDENA water handle 150 (No. 5550-20) and GARDENA Shampoo (No. v. 1680-20) – all at a discounted price. The floor cleaning Kit is specially suited for solid floor surfaces such as terraces, walkways, garage driveways, etc. The scrub Brush, which is connected to the water inlet, has bristles of varying lengths, allowing for intensive cleaning on uneven surfaces or on pavement. The Special flat nozzle and the edge on the scraping of dried dirt are used to remove the resulting dirt. It Can be easily connected to the Original GARDENA water-handling system thanks to the Original GARDENA systems. With GARDENA Shampoo, you can easily clean the stone floor and tiles.
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Product Code : 901092001
Manufacturer : Gardena / gardena.cz
Warranty : 24 months
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Features and benefits
With long and short bristles
Intense cleaning effect due to different bristle lengths. Because they get anywhere, especially on uneven surfaces, joints and depressuris.
With Flat Spray Nozzle and scraper
With a flat spray nozzle and scraper, you effectively deal with dirt. With This additional function, it releases a hard brush of stubborn dirt.
Smooth setting or closing of water flow
Thanks to the flow control, the water flow can be adjusted smoothly and the glass cleaner can be added if necessary.
Lightweight and comfortable
The Lightweight, high-quality aluminium handle with a comfortable plastic coating is easy to hold and does not slip.
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