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Premium Speed Coupling 13 mm (1/2 ")
The High quality 1/2 "GARDENA Premium series has a modern and thoughtful design, allowing you to quickly and conveniently connect to the outlet end of the hose. Simply pull to release the Connection. Thanks to the corrugated handle made of soft plastic, the GARDENA Premium series couplings are sure and securely in hand. Before damage, the quick-release clutch protects the rubber ring. Thanks to the sturdy clamping nut made of high-quality metal, this clutch keeps the hose tighter and safer. This coupling is suitable for 13 mm hoses.
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Product Code : 901156301
Manufacturer : Gardena / gardena.cz
Warranty : 24 months
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Features and benefits
Holds tightly
Thanks to the sturdy clamping nut made of high-quality metal, this hose clutch will withstand heavy loads and high pressure. This ensures high safety at the outlet of the hose.
Comfortable Handling
A Ribbed, soft plastic handle provides comfortable handling. The Hose coupling therefore sits securely and certainly in the hand.
Modern design and high-quality materials
The Use of high quality materials and design reflects the high quality of this hose coupling.
Original GARDENA System
With Original GARDENA System products, any embedding accessory can be easily and quickly connected to the tap or hose. Everything from start to finish can be interconnected and everything remains waterproof.
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