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Care and Cleaning
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Strejček GARDEN/Care and Cleaning/Branch Shears/Loppers Comfort/Anvil Shears for Comfort 500 AL branches
Anvil Shears for Comfort 500 AL branches
The many-valued anvil shears on the GARDENA Comfort 500 AL branches weigh only 600 g and are therefore very light and easy to use. And yet they are powerful. They Are 500 mm long and especially suited for cutting hard, dry wood up to an average of 35 mm. The Patented transmission mechanism provides a 38% higher cutting force. Thanks to the precision-cut top blade with non-stick coating and optimised cutting geometry, it achieves exceptionally clean and smooth cutting of the branches. Practical is a replaceable anvil. High-light, ergonomically shaped plastic handles and handles allow for comfortable and unamusing work. Double shock absorbers Protect your wrist. GARDENA provides a 25-year warranty on these branches.
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Product Code : 901193201
Manufacturer : Gardena / gardena.cz
Warranty : 24 months
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Features and benefits
Powerful Cutting
The Patented gear mechanism provides 38% more power when cutting branches.
Clean and Smooth Fit
Thanks to the precisely ground top with non-stick coating and optimised cutting geometry, it achieves a clean and smooth cut of branches even with little exertion.
Highest Comfort
With ergonomically shaped plastic handles and handles, the work in the garden with Anvil scissors on the Comfort branches is comfortable and unamusing.
25-year Warranty
A 25-year warranty is provided For the Comfort branch shears made from the latest materials.
The Comfort branch Anvil scissors, weighing only 600 g, are very light and therefore their use is particularly convenient.
Basic data
Maximum diameter of cut material
35 mm
Length, CM
50 cm
Weight, kg
1 kg
With Anti-Adhesive coating
Product Information
Trim Type
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