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Strejček GARDEN/Mowing/Robotic Lawn Mowers/HUSQVARNA AUTOMOWER® 220 AC
This lawnmower is suitable for grassy areas up to 1800 m². Mowing and charging is done automatically. Once the mower needs to recharge the battery, it will return to the charging station, recharge and continue mowing. Because This mower cuts grass almost constantly, the result is excellent. Using the keyboard and the display, the lawnmower can be programmed to do the first-class work on grassy areas that have a complicated shape. Now available in a range of color shades as an optional accessory.
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Product Code : 966513410
Manufacturer : Husqvarna / husqvarna.cz
Warranty : 24 months
Product is not for sale
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Features and benefits
Excellent Lawn Mowing Results
Thanks to the fact that Automower® Husqvarna moves on the lawn in a random way, the lawn is cut perfectly and neatly, so it looks like a green carpet. Razor-sharp Blades cut the grass into delicate pieces and from all directions. The Lawn is then denser and healthier and prevents the moss from growing.
Low Noise level
Thanks to the unique mowing system, Automower® works very discreetly and quietly, and when you want it.
Unique Mowing System
Husqvarna Automower® shortens grass only with a bite, but often, which ensures a nice and healthy lawn. It Is equipped with a razor-sharp blade made of strong carbon steel, which is attached to the disk of a sturdy mowing mechanism. This allows for efficient operation and extremely low power consumption.
Automatic Charging
If Automower® needs energy, it can find itself the way to the charging station.
PIN Code Lock
Automower® is equipped with a very effective safety system using a personal PIN code that greatly enhances the protection of the mower.
No emissions
Automower® is an electric lawnmower, so it does not produce any harmful emissions.
Anti-Theft Alarm system
The anti-theft Alarm system offers the maximum level of safety of the mower according to your own choice.
Settings Panel
Using The Settings panel, the mower can be adapted to various garden shapes and requirements.
You decide whether Automower® will mow the lawn all day and 7 days a week.
Easy Mowing Height adjustment
The mowing Height can be easily adjusted from the top by turning the large knob.
Lifting and Tilt Sensors
If Automower® rises above the ground or flips, the mowing is automatically interrupted. Moreover, the Rotating blades are located at a sufficient distance from the outside edge of the machine. When Automower® encounters an obstacle, it stops and changes direction without causing any damage.
Guide Wire
The Guidance conductor helps the mower to find its way back to the charging station, which shortens the search times especially for large, rugged gardens.
Low Power consumption
Efficient Energy management means low energy consumption, allowing Automower® to work at a fraction of the cost of traditional lawn mowers.
Automower® can be outdoors all day and is designed to function properly and unattended regardless of weather conditions. Thanks to its quality design, it has proven itself in harsh Nordic climates.
Can Handle challenging terrain
Large wheels with coarse profile provide excellent traction even on slippery surfaces. The Lawnmower can cope with a slope of up to 35%.
Basic data
Cutting capacity, m²
1 800 m² /-20%
Maximum slope of the working surface
35 %
19 Buttons
Information bar
LCD Display with setting menu
Product dimensions, L x W x H
710x550x300 mm
Weight, kg
9 kg
Charging system
Battery type
Typical charging time
45 min
Average mowing time per charge
45 min
Product information
Handle type
Wheel tread
PIN code
Installation lock
Time lock
Lifting sensor
Inclination sensor
Loop bounding wire
250 m
200 ks
Replacement cutting edges
9 ks
Power and charging
Average power consumption at maximum utilization
25 kWh per month at 1800 m²
Energy consumption during chiselling
30 W
Cutting deck
Mowing system
3 Swivel Blades sharp as razor blades
Cutting height, min-max, mm
0 - 0 mm
Cutting width
22 cm
Data on emissions, noise levels and vibrations
Noise level, dB(A)
Measured: 60, Guaranteed: 63 dB(A)
We have spare parts
More than 100 000 components
If you do not use the lawnmower or store your Automower® hanging on the wall during the winter.