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Strejček GARDEN/Irrigation/Garden Pumps/Electric Garden Pumps/GARDENA Garden Pump 4000/5 Comfort
GARDENA Garden Pump 4000/5 Comfort
The GARDENA Comfort series 4000/5 Garden Pump has a low noise level and offers greater comfort for use in the garden or in the house. Thanks to the increased suction power and pressure, this pump is ideal for irrigation, pressure enhancement or for pumping or draining of tap water, rainwater or chlorinated water from the pool. Integrated Pre-filter guarantees trouble-free operation of the pump. Two irrigation accessories can be used at the same time Thanks to the double output (one swinging). The Pump is easy to operate. The Large filling hole facilitates pump filling before use, and thanks to the ergonomic handle, the pump is easy to carry. Rubber feet provide stability with low noise and vibration. If Frost is approaching, the pump can be easily discharged using a separate drain screw. To ensure long-lasting durability, GARDENA relies solely on high-quality materials. Thanks to the ceramic seal and the mechanical seal system between the motor and the impor pump, safe operation and protection against damage are ensured. The thermal fuse Switch protects the motor from overload. Note: GARDENA pumps are not suitable for pumping salt water, aggressive or readily flammable substances or foodstuffs.
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Product Code : 966606601
Manufacturer : Gardena / gardena.cz
Warranty : 24 months
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Features and benefits
Trouble-free operation
The Integrated pre-filter protects the pump from dirt and allows for trouble-free operation.
For Flexible Use
Double outputs-one swivel-allow simultaneous use of two irrigation devices.
Almost noiseless Pump operation
Rubber feet ensure pump stability and low noise and vibration-free operation.
User-friendly operation
Large filling hole allows easy filling of the pump before the start of operation-without funnel. The ergonomic handle Makes the pump easy to carry.
Rated Power, W
1 100 W
Basic data
Maximum Discharge capacity
4000 L/h
Maximum pressure
4.5 Bar
Maximum Self-leveling height
8 m
Maximum Discharge Height
45 m
Inlet impeller
Water Jet
Weight, kg
11 kg
Cable Length
1.5 m
Power Cord Type
Electrical Protection class
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