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GARDENA irrigator Polo 220 Classic
With the GARDENA Classic's Polo 220, you can make optimal lawn irrigation. Thanks to the turbine gearing, irrigation of areas with a size of 90 to 220 m² is guaranteed. The Irrigator has a infinitely adjustable range of 7 to 17 m and a spraying width of up to 13 m. The Irrigator is completely maintenance-free Thanks to the fine mesh filter and high quality stainless steel. Thanks to the improved ergonomics of the cleaning needle, nozzle cleaning is very easy. The Irrigator Polo 220 series GARDENA Classic is made of high quality materials that are very resistant to breakage and have UV protection. This guarantees a long service life. For even irrigation of your garden.
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Product Code : 966678601
Manufacturer : Gardena / gardena.cz
Warranty : 24 months
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Features and benefits
Without the formation of the meadow
Thanks to the multi-stage turbine gearing, the Polo 220 range of the GARDENA Classic series allows for even irrigation without the formation of the meadow.
Easy Setup
Thanks to the infinitely adjustable range and the spray width of up to 13 m, the Polo 220 of the GARDENA Classic range can easily adapt to irrigated areas.
No Maintenance required
The Polo GARDENA Classic Oscating irrigator is always ready for use.
No Maintenance required
The Stainless steel filter for dirt from the fine strainer ensures easy cleaning.
Basic data
Irrigated Area
0 - 0
0 - 0 m
Max. Spray width
13 m
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