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Care and Cleaning
New or mature garden? Make the most of it!
GARDENA Garden Scissors B/S-M
The GARDENA Classic Garden scissors with a non-stick coating and a bottom knife made of stainless steel are optimally suited for the cut of flowers, young shoots and twigs. The Ergonomically shaped 2-level handles and additional soft elements on the upper handle ensure maximum comfort when trimming. The Scissors have a handy one-handed closure for safe storage. This product is warranted For a duration of 25 years.
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Product Code : 967048001
EAN : 4078500018685
Manufacturer : Gardena / gardena.cz
Warranty : 24 months
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Features and benefits
Comfortable Handling
Ergonomic handles are perfectly held. Soft elements provide the necessary non-slip properties and are gentle to your wrist in any cutting situation.
Maximum Quality
Classic Garden scissors pays to buy! Guarantee of 25 years guarantees maximum quality ' Made in Germany '!
One-Handed Safety cap
Thanks to the one-handed safety cap, the scissors can be easily locked with one hand and then stored securely.
Cutting Principle: Bypass
The Two grinded knives slide close together while trimming, leaving a precise and clean cut. That's Why GARDENA garden scissors are designed for cutting flowers and young, fresh shoots.
Special Benefits
The Width of the handlebar setting of the garden scissors GARDENA can be smoothly adjusted in two stages-for small and large hands. The Small opening of the handles is also very practical for a quick and simple cut of thin branches and shoots.
Basic data
Maximum diameter of cut material
22 mm
Top Cutting Edge
With Anti-Adhesive coating
Lower Lip
Stainless Steel
Precision Cut
Product information
Trim Type
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