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GARDENA ZoomMaxx four-surface irrigator
Regardless of whether the area is large or wide, small, long or narrow: the GARDENA four-surface irrigator ZoomMaxx is a variable swing irrigator for a variety of requirements. Thanks to its sturdy base, it can be safely placed on the surface with up to 15% pitch and exactly where it is needed. The GARDENA ZoomMaxx four-area Irrigator is ideal for areas of 9-216 m². Water flow Control allows for endless, gentle adjustment of irrigated area. The Width of the spraying can be easily adjusted by the slider and reaches 3 to 12 m, the range of spraying can be changed with a adjusting ring in the range of 3 to 18 meters. The Fine filter protects against sand and dirt and prevents the nozzle from being blocked. With one hand movement, it can be easily removed and cleaned. And all of these features are running: If you want to install several sprinklers in a row, you can connect them using the Original GARDENA quick release system.
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Product Code : 967154601
Manufacturer : Gardena / gardena.cz
Warranty : 24 months
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Features and benefits
Intuitive operation and Installation
The Integrated fine-mesh filter protects the irrigator from sand and dirt. The Filter can be easily removed and cleaned.
Flexible and fast location change
Easy placement of a four-surface irrigators where it is needed. It Allows its massive pedestal.
Precise setting of irrigated area
The Four-area sprinkler can be adjusted as needed: with water flow control, adjustable range and spray width
Basic data
Irrigated Area
9 - 216
3 - 18 m
Max. Spray width
12 m
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