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Performance and productivity, even under harsh conditions
A Very lightweight, compact and easy-to-handle saw for ordinary, but also demanding consumers who need a versatile saw for lighter cutting. Thanks to the engine with X-Torq® It has lower fuel consumption and also a very low emission level. The Smart Start®, fuel pump and automatic return switch to Stop function make it easy to Start.
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Product Code : 967155316
Manufacturer : Husqvarna / husqvarna.cz
Warranty : 24 months
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Features and benefits
Air Injection™ System
The Centrifugal air purification system reduces the wear rate and ensures longer intervals between filter cleaning.
Adjustable Oil Pump
Adjustable oil pump allows you to easily adjust the chain lubrication as needed.
Quick Release air filter
Facilitates Cleaning and replacement of the air filter.
Felling Markers
Distinctive cutting marks increase accuracy during felling.
Optimised saw Body
No protruding parts, a smooth bottom, a rounded starter cover and well-protected controls allow for light handling of the saw.
Chain Tensioning from the side
Enables Quick and convenient chain tension.
Quick-Detachable air filter cover
The Quick-release cover saves time when replacing and cleaning the spark plug.
LowVib® System
The Anti-vibration dampers effectively absorb vibrations, thus saving the arms and hands of the operator.
Protective Hand Guard
The hand guard Design allows for a better view of the guide bar tip and better handling when working with the saw.
Smart Start®
The Engine and starter equipment have been designed to start the engine quickly and with minimal effort. The Resistance of the starter cord is reduced by up to 40%.
Ergonomic handle
The Craned front handle allows for better grip and natural working position.
Fuel Pump
Fuel pump for easy starting.
Inertia-activated Chain brake
Efficient, inertia-activated chain brake.
Automatic Return of STOP switch to standby position
The STOP Switch automatically switches to the ON-on position for hassle-free starting.
It has lower fuel consumption and lower levels of fumes compared to the strictest global environmental regulations.
Cylinder Displacement, cm³
35.2 cm³
Output Power, kW
1.5 kW
Maximum engine speed under load
10 000 ot./min
Fuel Consumption
0.4 kg/h
Idling Speed
2 900 ot./min
Spark plug
Electrode Gap
0.4 mm
Torque, Max.
1.57 Nm/7500 ot./min
Basic data
Fuel Tank Capacity
0.3 l
Oil tank Volume
0.2 l
Weight (without cutting tool), kg
3.9 kg
Emission, noise and vibration Data
Equivalent Vibration Level (AHV, EQ) front/rear handle, m/s ²
4.9/4.1 m/s²
Sound pressure Level at the operator's ear, db (A)
100 dB(A)
Guaranteed Sound Power level (LWA), db (A)
112 dB(A)
Cutting Equipment
Chain Pitch
3/8 "
Recommended Length of Guide bar, Min-Max, CM
0 - 0 cm
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