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Strejček GARDEN/Mowing/Robotic Lawn Mowers/Robotic Lawnmower R70Li
Robotic Lawnmower R70Li
The Innovative GARDENA robotic lawnmower R70Li performs mowing for you: it cuts off the grass and you can enjoy your free time or other things. Thanks to the free and natural movement, the lawn mower R70Li grass areas up to a maximum size of 700 m² – efficiently, reliably and without any ruting. And always with an excellent result – the lawn is well cared for. If necessary, the robotic lawnmower will recharge itself in the charging station. The Bounding conductor, which is very easy to install, defines the mower R70Li the area to be mow. He Repeatedly crosses the lawn and cut pieces of grass with sharp blades; Grass clippings remain lying on the lawn as a natural fertilizer (mulching principle). Rails ensure better blade protection in harsh environments. The cutting Height of 2 to 5 cm can be easily adjusted using the rotary knob. With a weight of eight kilograms, robust robotic lawn mowers can handle up to 25% of the climb. Programming is incredibly simple and fast. You can set different times or mowing days On the large control panel with the display. The Displayed menu is simple and intuitive. After programming, R70Li starts itself at the specified time, even when it rains. The Powerful and easy-to-maintain 18 V/1.6 Ah Lithium-ion battery pack ensures reliable and energy-efficient operation. R70Li also works very quietly and without emissions. Highly Sensitive impact sensors and a bounding conductor help the mower R70Li avoid various obstacles in the garden. The lift and roll Sensor and the large space between the lawnmower and knives guarantee greater safety for people and animals. For example, when the mower lifts up, the blades stop immediately and thus prevent injuries. The Robotic lawnmower can also be stopped at any time, and the large button is easily accessible. R70Li is flexible and therefore suitable for almost any type of garden. To Chop the second area, it has 2 remote cue points, which allow mowing even in complex grasslands. The Robotic lawnmower comes with a charging station, a power cable, a bounding conductor, skobami, spare blades, clamps and connectors.
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Product Code : 967168907
Manufacturer : Gardena / gardena.cz
Warranty : 24 months
Product is not for sale
And can not be ordered
Features and benefits
Low noise, emission-free, energy-saving
The Robotic lawnmower R70Li is significantly quieter than ordinary electric, cordless or petrol lawn mowers and has a low power consumption-only 12 kWh/month for a grassy area of 700 m².
Ideal for more complex grassy areas
This GARDENA Robotic lawnmower is perfect for medium-sized gardens. Thanks to its high performance it can be used for larger, more complex grassy areas. The Complete cover above the blades reduces energy consumption and protects and keeps the blade blade clean.
It also Works in the rain
The GARDENA lawn mower does not even mind the summer weather. It Has been designed to serve throughout the day and to function properly unattended and regardless of weather conditions.
Alarm Function, lock installation and PIN code are reliable anti-theft protection.
Basic data
Cutting capacity, m²
700 m² /-20%
Maximum slope of the working surface
25 %
15 buttons
Information bar
LCD Display with setting menu
Product dimensions, L x W x H
580x460x255 mm
Weight, kg
8 kg
Charging system
Battery type
Typical charging time
70 min
Average mowing time per charge
60 min
PIN code
Installation lock
Time lock
Lifting sensor
Inclination sensor
Loop bounding wire
200 m
400 ks
Replacement cutting edges
3 ks
Product information
Handle type
Wheel tread
Power and charging
Power Consumption
20 W
Cutting deck
Mowing system
3 Sharp Knives
Cutting height, min-max, mm
0 - 0 mm
Cutting width
17 cm
Data on emissions, noise levels and vibrations
Noise level, dB(A)
Measured: 58, guaranteed: 60 dB(A)
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