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Strejček GARDEN/Irrigation/Garden Pumps/Home Waterworks/GARDENA Home Waterworks 3000/4 Eco Classic
GARDENA Home Waterworks 3000/4 Eco Classic
With the GARDENA home water 3000/4 Eco Classic with an output of 650 Watts and a maximum capacity of 2800 L/h, you can easily save energy. The Water Plant fully automatically distributes inexpensive rainwater, for example from a rainwater barrel, a well or a tanker to your home and garden. For example, you can use Water from a domestic water plant to flush toilets, to supply washing machines and to irrigate your garden. Depending on the water requirements, the domestic waterworks are switched on and off automatically, so it works very cheaply. The Infinitely Adjustable Eco mode also saves up to 15% energy compared to normal operation. This Makes it gentle on your wallet and the environment. If The pump is heated when the liquid cannot drain, the pump switches off automatically due to the thermal overload fuse. Convenient: Large-Volume 24 l tank, which is 5 years maintenance-free. During this time, the membrane does not need to be changed and there is no need to replenish the air. The GARDENA home Waterworks Classic is equipped with an integrated pre-filter to protect the pump from dirt and sand, as well as a non-return valve, which means it can be easily put into operation. The Large filling hole and inlet valve ensure quick and hassle-free commissioning. Self-Leveling is optimized by setting the manual control valve. In addition, the thermal overload fuse monitors the smooth and flawless operation of a non-maintenance condenser motor. Before the arrival of the first frost, it is necessary to drain the pump with the help of the drain bolt. The Domestic water plant convinces its customers with its well-designed technology, quality materials and a compact, space-saving design. The Manometer and pressure switch are integrated into a economical and well-arranged design. Salt water, aggressive and lightly flammable substances or foodstuffs Must not be pumped. As an accessory, the GARDENA suspension rubber feet can be purchased at the service, which allows for even quieter operation of the domestic water plant. Max. Pressure/traffic Altitude: 4.0 bar/40 m Connecting thread 33.3 mm (G1).
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Product Code : 967245901
Manufacturer : Gardena / gardena.cz
Warranty : 24 months
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Features and benefits
Saves Energy and is common
Adjustable Eco mode saves energy by up to 15% compared to normal operation.
Automatic Safety Switch
If the pump is overheated, it is not damaged.
The Tank is maintenance-free for 5 years
It is not necessary to change the membrane or complement the air.
Easy and Quick Installation
The pre-Filter and the return valve are already integrated. Reliable, intelligent technology saves costs and simplifies the installation and commissioning of the water plant.
Compact Design, Space saving
The Manometer and pressure switch are integrated into the economical design. This Makes the domestic waterworks very compact and requires little space during installation.
Rated Power, W
650 W
Basic data
Maximum Discharge capacity
2800 L/h
Maximum pressure
4 Bar
Maximum Self-leveling height
8 m
Maximum Discharge Height
40 m
Under pressure
1.5 Bar
Inlet impeller
Water Jet
Maximum Pumped Media temperature
35 ° C
Weight, kg
14 kg
Cable Length
1.5 m
Power Cord Type
Electrical Protection class
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