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Strejček GARDEN/Mowing/Lawnmowers/Electric Mowers/Electric Lawnmower PowerMax™ 42 E
Electric Lawnmower PowerMax™ 42 E
Powerful Electric mower with easy operation and PowerPlus motor: The high-performance high-torque motor provides excellent drive, precise cutting results and optimizes grass collection. Effortlessly cope with every type of lawn, even with high or moist grass. In addition, this technology reduces the overall weight of the mower, allowing for considerably easier work. Central and easy to adjust the cutting height in 5 degrees with graduated scale. Foldable handle for space-saving transport and compact storage. Ergonomically shaped dual switch levers with starter button and cable strain relief. Central handle for easy transport of the mower. The Transparent window allows you to see when the grass catcher needs to be emptied. The Double-hardened DuraEdge™ blades, which are precision-ground for excellent cut, also cope with the toughest conditions in both mulching mode and grass picking mode. 5. Grip height adjustment positions to suit every height of the user. Extra-Large rear wheels for better rotation and manoeuvrability.
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Product Code : 967249601
Manufacturer : Gardena / gardena.cz
Warranty : 24 months
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Features and benefits
Easy to Chop
Thanks to its lightweight design, this lawn mower can be easily managed and routed through the garden, and thanks to the grass ridges it can be cut in close proximity to the walls and edges of the lawn.
Powerful PowerPlus engine and DuraEdge™ Knife
Additional Force for effective lawn care – Powerplus system with high-performance motor and high torque drives double hardened, precision-ground DuraEdge™ knife for effortless and efficient lawn mowing.
3 in 1-chopping, grass collecting, mulching
The grass can either be collected into a collection basket or cut into fine pieces using a mulching function and let it lie on the lawn where it serves as a natural fertilizer.
Easy Storage
Easy to carry and transport. Compact Design for economical storage.
Easy to adjust cutting height.
The Desired cutting height can be easily adjusted centrally with a lever in 5 positions.
Ergonomic Handle Soft Grip
Contoured handle with soft grip and ergonomic levers for intuitive and comfortable operation.
DuraEdge™ Knife
DuraEdge™ twice hardened, precision cut knife for excellent cut.
Grass Ridges
Grass ridges for mowing near the walls and edges of the lawn.
Large-Bore Collection basket
Handling The collection basket is extremely easy-the large opening allows for quick emptying.
Collection Basket Volume, litres
50 l
Power, kW
1 700 kW
Mowing mechanism
Mowing Height Adjustment
Cutting Width
42 cm
Mowing height adjustment Positions
Mowing Height, Min-Max, MM
20 - 60 mm
Basic data
Product Dimensions, L x W x H
130x47x105 mm
Product Dimensions, Lxwxh, with folded handle
106x42, 5x53 cm
Mulching Seal
Mowing Capacity, m²
800 m² /-20%
Weight, kg
12 kg
Emission, noise and vibration Data
Guaranteed Sound Power level (LWA), db (A)
96 dB(A)
Sound pressure Level at the operator's ear, db (A)
84 dB(A)
Vibration handle
1.7 m/s²
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