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Perfect fit and great result. You'll enjoy mowing!

Lightweight and high performance trimmer for professional users caring for trees or landscapes, business in gardening or public services. It has excellent ergonomics and balance, a trimmer head allowing both directions to rotate and a long-lasting DC motor. The price Shown is without battery and charger.

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Product Code : 967326811
Manufacturer : Husqvarna / husqvarna.cz
Warranty : 24 months
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Features and benefits
The Economical savE™ mode reduces the engine speed and thus extends the machine's operating time.
Rotating both directions
The Direction of rotation of the trimmer head can be changed according to the height of the grass.
Tap ' n Go Trimmer head
Tap ' n Go Double-String mowing system for fast string ejure.
Powerful Brushless Motor
Our developed modern brushless motor is 25% more powerful than the standard brush motor. This means that the engine provides high torque and consistent performance.
Simple operation
The Control of the cordless products is concentrated in the button panel. The Buttons are interactive-for example, to start and stop the machine simply press the same button. There is also a "savE" button to select an economical mode with a longer battery life. The Trimmer is also equipped with a button for changing the direction of rotation of the trimmer head.
One Battery for all products
The 36V Li-Ion Battery is designed for demanding and long-term professional use. It Is suitable for all our hand-borne machines, so if necessary you can quickly swap the battery eg. From chainsaws, blowers or trimmers to hedge trimmers and continue working smoothly.
Maximum uptime on a single battery charge
You Can choose between Normal and economical savE™ mode, i.e. between maximum power or maximum operating time for the given conditions. Either way, you always get the perfect result.
Noiseless operation
Our Battery-powered products exhibit up to 13 dB (A) of lower noise levels than gasoline-powered products – a huge difference. In Doing so, lowering the noise level by 3 dB (A) is usually perceived as a noise reduction in half. The Work will make you more enjoyable-and also-will allow you to work in most public places.
Minimum Maintenance
No refuelling, less demanding operation and electronically controlled drive system guarantee less downtime at work and low operating costs.
Light and well balanced
Our machines have a compact, slim design with front handles close to the center of gravity. They are therefore light and well balanced and work with them is comfortable in all situations.
Engine Type
BLDC (non-commutator DC)
Emission, noise and vibration Data
Guaranteed Sound Power level (LWA), db (A)
96 dB(A)
Equivalent Vibration Level (AHV, EQ) front/rear handle, m/s ²
1.2/0.7 m/s²
Sound pressure Level at the operator's ear, db (A)
76 dB(A)
Mowing mechanism
Cutting Width
40 cm
Basic data
Weight without battery
3 kg
Battery Type
Battery Voltage, V
36 V
Li-ion battery ensures durability and peak performance.
Li-ion battery ensures durability and peak performance.
Li-ion battery ensures durability and peak performance.
We have spare parts
More than 100 000 components
Husqvarna Battery Chargers for Li-ion batteries ensure fast and hassle-free charging.
Husqvarna Battery Chargers for Li-ion batteries ensure fast and hassle-free charging.
This Trimmer Head is intended exclusively for Husqvarna cordless trimmers. It Can be rotated both clockwise and counterclockwise. It Has a semi-automatic string eject system, which we call "Tap ' n ' Go". The Cutting line automatically unwinds as soon as the trimmer head is tapped. This means that the user always checks the cord eject and the string can be ejected while the machine is working. Therefore, the Machine may not be switched off or removed with the carrying strap when the cord is ejunting.
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