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Husqvarna LC 353V
The LC 353V is a lawnmower that achieves a great result when mowing grass and lawn maintenance with AFTech™ technology: The mowing disc is designed to create an upward airflow during rotation. This airflow lifts the grass to allow even lawn mowing. Then the airflow is conveed through the ejection trough to the grass catcher. In This way, the basket is filled very effectively, allowing you to chop the grass for a long time without interruption. The LC 353V has a durable design that lasts many years of use. The Lawnmower is equipped with the AutoWalk™ 2 function for ergonomic and convenient speed control.
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Product Code : 967605201
EAN : 7393089340529
Manufacturer : Husqvarna / husqvarna.cz
Warranty : 24 months
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Features and benefits
AutoWalk™ 2
TWO-handed speed control allows you to regulate the speed with the right or left hand as needed. This ensures ergonomic operation and also facilitates mowing along the fences and around obstacles, when you can loosen the grip of one hand and the mower moves on.
Rugged Design
The Skeleton of the mower consists of a single part, which is made on a press line, which means that it does not consist of any welded parts. This gives it a high resistance to twisting, strength and durability.
Central Mowing Height adjustment
Quick and easy mowing height adjustment. With One lever you move the entire mower.
The BioClip® Kit is available as an accessory
It Makes it easy to turn your lawnmower into a mulch (BioClip® system), which means that the grass is cut into small pieces that quickly break down and return to the lawn as a natural fertilizer.
Adjustable Handle Height
Two position height adjustment of the handle for increased user comfort.
Foldable handle
For Easy storage and transportation. When the handle is secured in the folded position, it is possible to lift the lawnmower horizontally and transfer it using the handle.
Aggressive penumatic Sample
For optimal traction without leaving traces on the lawn.
Easy-to-removable collection basket
The Ergonomically shaped grass catcher is sturdy, compact and positioned on the lawnmower as much as possible to make it easy to remove and reattach. It also has a wide opening and auxiliary handle for easy emptying.
Down-Seduced ventilation
The vents on the underside exhaust the noise and dust from the machine operator and create a much more comfortable working environment.
Stainless Steel Bumper
The Durable stainless steel bumper protects the front of the mower.
Service Hatch
To Clean the gearbox and the rear axle from grass and dirt, remove the service hatch. You can use a hose, but in models with electric start, do not forget to clean the water before Remove the battery.
Water hose coupling
Facilitates cleaning of the mower's skeleton. Only connect the hose, release the water and start the engine. For Optimal results, if you clean the lawn mower immediately after use.
Safety handle
The Mower is equipped with a safety handle that immediately stops the mowing knife and the engine if the operator of the machine loosens the grip of the control handle.
Briggs & Stratton Engine with Ready Start® function
The ReadyStart starter System eliminates the need to use a manual fuel pump or a choke. At the Same time it reduces the resistance of the starter cord by up to 30%, which makes starting the engine very easy.
AFTech is a unique technical solution in which the skeleton of the mower, the mowing knife and the ejection trough create the optimum air flow. This means that excellent results are achieved when using all mowing methods. When harvesting, it helps to fill the collection basket to the optimum level, reducing the frequency of emptying the basket.
Variable Traverse Speed
Easily adjustable travel speed According to your needs and lawn condition.
Easy-start B&S DOV Engine
A Powerful and smooth-running Briggs & Stratton DOV engine equipped with a ReadyStart system that eliminates the need for manual fuel pumping or engine choke settings.
Dual Ball bearing Wheels
They Ensure smooth operation and minimize the will even after many years of use.
Zinc Plated Lawn Mower
The Steel frame of the mower is galvanised with galvanization process, which guarantees high durability. It is also equipped with powder spraying for better corrosion resistance and longer service life.
Engine manufacturer
Briggs & Stratton
Engine name
Cylinder displacement, cm³
163 cm³
Net power at preset speeds, kW
2.6 kW @ 2900 ot./min
Fuel tank capacity, litres
1.2 l
BioClip® Kit
Available as an accessory
Collector type
Fixed Basket with lower ventilation
Collector volume, litres
60 l
Adjustable handle height
Quick Setup (2 steps)
Wheels with bearings, front/rear
Folding handle
Drive system
Drive system
AutoWalk™ 2
Driven wheels
Forward speed, min-max, km/h
0 - 0 km/h
Speed, km/h
5.4 km/h
Cutting deck
Skeleton material
Cutting method(s)
Collection/Rear Discharge
Cutting width
53 cm
Cutting height, min-max, mm
0 - 0 mm
Cutting height adjustment positions
Cutting height adjustment
Product information
Handle type
Basic data
Wheel diameter, front/rear, cm
210/210 mm
Weight, kg
38 kg
Data on emissions, noise levels and vibrations
Sound pressure level at operator's ear, db(A)
84 dB(A)
Sound power level, measured
98 dB(A)
Guaranteed Sound Power Level (LWA), db(A)
98 dB(A)
We have spare parts
More than 100 000 components
To change the mowing system to BioClip (mulching). With the help of this set, the grass is cut into small pieces, which quickly decompose and return to the lawn as fertilizer, while ensuring that the lawn is more resistant to drought.
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